Ankur Harish Shah


School of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Office: N3-01c-10
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798



Ankur Shah received his Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering (VTU), Bangalore in 2007 followed by a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from City College - City University of New York, USA in 2009. For his Master's thesis at CCNY, he has successfully developed a new manufacturing route to process sub-micron polyamide particles. Following Graduation, Ankur continued his work at CCNY's industrial partner to further design and perform scale up the above said process. Ankur had a short sting with Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals before moving to India and taking up a position of research associate in the Department of Materials Engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science. At IISc he was investigating the effect of polymeric Core-shell architecture on the toughening characteristic of epoxy based polymeric matrix composites. In Jan,2014, he has joined the lab of Prof.Steele as a Doctoral candidate

Research Interests

On-demand Bio adhesion, Soft tissue matching, Mechanical properties of Bioadhesive Thin Films, Bio-polymeric nanofiber and nanoparticles


[1]A. Couzis et al., "Method for making polyamide particles", 2010.