Dr. Lu Gan


School of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Office: NS3-4-24A
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639798

email: gan.lu@ntu.edu.sg


Lu Gan recieved her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, in Jun 2010. She continued to chase her Ph.D degree of Chemistry in National University of Singapore since Aug 2010. In Dec 2015, she started the research work on bioadhesive as Project Officer in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Research Interests

Her research focused on the development of bioadhesive under the electro-curing and the investigation of its electrochemical behavior.


[1]L. Gan et al., "Side chain effects in the packing structure and stiffness of redox-responsive ferrocene-containing polymer brushes", European Polymer Journal, 2016, pp. -.